Saint Paddy's Day Profile

The Hills and Dales of Ireland—Saint Paddy’s Day Profile From the Archives

Another one from the archives for St. Patrick’s Day! (Originally posted in 2012)

Here is a simple rolling hills profile set to Irish music to entertain your class. You’re either going up or down on this ride through the bonny green hills of Erie, on narrow roads lined with low stone fences through green pastures dotted with sheep, on your way to meet friends at the Mystic Celt pub. How’s that for a visual as you ride? Enjoy this profile… and ride responsibly 😉


  1. Love the ride, Jennifer. Had to cut it shorter for 45 minute ride, substituted “With or Without You” U2 for finale. Now I’m gonna go buy some black and tan for dinner post ride!

  2. This will be so fun – thanks for the ride profile and suggestions – can’t wait to do this tomorrow!

  3. Here are the songs I used for my St Patrick’s Day playlist: Luck of the Irish Ride, this year. The first two to three are intro for when the participants are setting up their bikes. Warm up starts with U2.
    Erin Grá Ma Chrói (Ireland of My Heart) 5:16 (125 bpm) Diedre Connolly

    Release (Verse) 5:14 (100 bmp) Afro Celt Sound System [feat. Sinead O’Connor]

    O’Sullivan’s March 4:02 (92 bmp) The Chieftains

    Where The Streets Have No Name 5:37 (125 bpm) U2

    Busindre Reel 4:34 (108 bpm) Hevia

    Paint the Town Green 3:32 (120 bpm) The Script

    Dil Nachde (Radio Edit) 5:43 (120 bpm) Delhi 2 Dublin

    Dreams 4:32 (128 bpm) The Cranberries

    Technogaita 6:11 (142 bpm) Beltaine

    The Rocky Road to Dublin 4:46 (80 bpm) The Young Dubliners

    Irish Coffee 4:09 (121 bpm) David Visan & Carlos Campos Buddha-Bar IV [Disc 2]

    So Young 4:54 (106 bpm) The Corrs

    The Foggy Dew 3:12 (128 bpm) The Young Dubliners

    Rockhill 2:20 (140 bpm) – Beltaine

    Deep Channel 6:49 (137 bpm) Afro Celt Sound System

    One 4:36 (80 bpm) U2 Achtung Baby = Cool Down

    Theme from Harry’s Game 5:11 Rasa Mello Chant= Stretching

    Deora Ar Mo Chroi 2:49 Enya

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