Class Profile: Hounds of Halloween, The Sequel

This fun but spooky profile is not for the faint of heart—neither you nor your students! Christine has woven a thrilling tale, combined with spooky sound effects, creepy music, apprehension, horrified escapes, and, of course, some hard work. Grunting allowed!

This is the sequel to a very popular Halloween profile Christine wrote in 2013. You can find that profile here. If you teach twice in the week, you may want to teach both of them. Or, do one of the many other Halloween profiles offered at ICA.

As Christine does so well in her profiles, this one gives you space to throw in your own creativity to add to the story line. 

You’re going to have to dig up some sound effects for this profile, but Christine tells you where to find them.

ICA member Ramiro had such a great time with the original Hounds of Halloween, he shared his mixed playlist with ICA members. Click here to read more about it and listen to the playlist on soundcloud.

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