Theme Profile: The Feared Fang Mountains

Take your class to their scary limit on six climbs. True to its name, the Fang mountain range resembles…well…a set of fangs. The first and last climbs are the highest peaks, with four smaller climbs between them. The first climb starts off steady, but then gets aggressive as fear takes over, leading to a very steep summit targeting Zone 5. The next four smaller and shorter climbs each have their own elements of challenge, targeting Zone 4 at the summits. The final is the most intense, provoking another Zone 5 effort prompted by monster attacks near the top.

This Halloween ride features many themes from horror movies, plus songs with appropriate titles. Have a contest in class to see who can name the most movies or songs.


  1. I am planning to use this profile again for 2021. I love this ride. I have a new class and new group to share this with.
    Thanks for this excellent profile. Love it.

  2. I love this profile. I went to the darkside of Halloween music. These videos from the Fall Out Boy inspired me to use Dance, Dance on the descent prior to the last fang and then for the Attack on the last fang I used the Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)and The Phoenix. It was so motivating, I can’t tell you how great it was! I’m using these 3 songs again tonight for stage 20 of the TDF 2013, ending on the mountain top!
    Thanks for posting this!

    1. Melissa, I did this class today. I took your suggestion to go with the Fall Out songs… My class LOVED it..

      Overall, this is a KILLER workout… no matter what music you use. Thumbs up!

  3. This was fun to teach. I gave out treats to people who guessed the music. One guy got double treats for identifying tobyMac’s original group. I gave identities to the children we encountered on the last climb. They were all kids from horror movies, including Norman Bates as a three year old “there was always something a little odd about that kid”. I finished up with the scariest kid in my memory – the girl from the Bad Seed. It’s not a straightforward horror movie but it really scared me as a kid.

  4. I used this tonight. The lights were off, just black lights and a flickering torch. I have a little light on my profile notes, and I leave the screen to my iPod. I gave everyone a glow necklace and every time we we would summit a mountain, we would make sure we were all together and no one got left anywhere….or taken…or eaten. And every time we would stand, I would cue to sit back down very carefully and check that seat first…just in case a little something jumped on the saddle for a ride. I also had a spooky box with trick or treat candy; fun sized of course so we didn’t completely blow our caloric expenditure in three bites. The music was great. I mean, how many times can you hear Thriller and Monster Mash? Good stuff.

  5. Awesome!! Can’t wait to use it on Thursday 🙂

  6. Tom this sounds excellent! I am really excited about it and want to use it as I am teaching on Halloween! But I only have a 45 min class at lunchtime and a lot of folks are on their lunchtime from work. I hate to cut it but don’t think I can do much else. Do you have suggestions for cutting it to 45 mins? Thanks for the wonderful profile! M =)

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