Theme Ride Thursday: 2020 Grammy Awards—Playlist and Profile

The 62nd Grammy Awards will air on CBS January 26, 2020. It’s the recording industry’s most prestigious award. Bring the best of 2019 into your studio by selecting songs that are nominated (see playlist below), or use our already-prepared profile, Hold It Steady, a 2020 Grammy Profile, by Julianne Lafleur.  This is a steady-state profile holding at Zone 3 inspired by Stephen Barr’s article titled “What’s So Great about Steady State? To recap, steady state is a sustainable level of intensity below threshold in Zone 3, that all-important “tempo” zone. 

For this profile, we will explore all cadence ranges using songs that have been nominated for a Grammy in 2020. A variety of genres has been chosen but some optional songs are provided that might better suit your personal taste. As suggested in the title, the profile will remain relatively steady in intensity, with a minimal fluctuation in power; however, a couple of short rests are offered for those riders who may lack confidence and require the mental breaks. If you don’t teach with power, simply keep riders at a conversational pace.

Optional songs are suggested at the end of the file, so you can choose the song that best suits your personal taste. 

You can see the full list of nominees here:


  1. This is a perfect profile for my Foundations Biking class where I target a Zone 3 intensity with newer riders. It does a nice job of building their confidence and interest with varying terrain, cadences and music selections. It also begins the conversation about power without overwhelming them. To boot, the optional recoveries and songs give the instructor the opportunity to customize for the audience. Well done! The hardest part will be choosing which intervals to cut out in order to fit in a 45 minute class. Sigh, or me trying to fit into a form-fitting Grammy gown, lol!

  2. Julianne, you did an amazing job with this AGAIN. What a nice flow to the ride, with subtle shifts in energy. Several of my riders remembered last year’s Grammys ride and said they were looking forward to this year’s–I love that it’s officially a tradition in my classes now.
    I played pre-class music from some other nominees on the list (including my beloved Cranberries, as well as the guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela and several others). I also act like the MC a little bit and tell them what each track is nominated for. Yay!

    1. Author

      Thanks Shari! I am so happy to hear that. It’s my turn this week to bring this profile to my riders, and I’m really looking forward to it; I cannot wait 🙂

  3. I loved this and so did my class. I have a very mixed demographic and I loved that there was something for everyone.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it! I rode it several times at home myself before submitting the final version as I had a great time with it.

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