Theme Ride Thursday: Chinese New Year—The Year of the Rat

I’ve often had questions in the past about whether I have a theme ride for Chinese New Year. Last year was the year of the pig and I came up empty-handed when searching for songs. My year is the Year of the Ox, which incidentally will be next year. Hey, if you know of any songs about oxen, please let me know!

Ironically, there are some fun songs to use for this Chinese New Year—The Year of the Rat. No need to create a full theme-ride profile; just use a song or two to give a nod to this fun theme. I’ve got 30 for you to choose from in this Spotify playlist below.

Here’s a super fun one that combines the Year of the Rat theme while poking fun at what we do in the gym. It’s called “Gym Rat” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, 3:20, 87 bpm. Use it for a 3-minute push at 87 rpm—your riders will be giggling at the lyrics (even better if you can project this video). Here are some of the lyrics:

And when I’m all bent over
You’ll see right through my yoga pants
Keep eatin’ clean girl I’m a fitness freak
There’s no filter on this Instagram (Noooo)

To be a 5 star Baddie
You got to keep your carbohydrates down
To be a 5 star Baddie
You got to beat the other clowns

I work with pain like a chisel – GYM RAT
clipboard, visor and whistle – GYM RAT
Squeezing up a last repetition
I need it proud, devout and salty
I work with pain like a chisel – GYM RAT
Dumbbells and squats till I glisten – GYM RAT
Let me see your abs then I’ll listen
So how you like me now? – GYM RAT

How do you know if you’re a rat? (Or an ox, or dog, or whatever?) Use this handy guide—it’s one you can often find on many Chinese restaurant menus.

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