Theme Ride Thursday: Black Friday Playlist and Two Shopping-Themed Profiles

Ah, Black Friday—a day that demands both stamina and savvy shopping skills! It’s the ultimate marathon for deal-hungry warriors venturing into the retail jungle. But fear not, cycling instructors, we’ve created the perfect bucket playlist to keep your riders energized and motivated amidst the chaos of Black Friday and the ensuing holiday rush. 

In the spirit of this adrenaline-fueled shopping extravaganza, we present our specially curated playlist, designed to match the intensity and pace of this shopping saga. Members can access that playlist below (~125 songs). It’s filled with songs about shopping and shopping malls as well as songs about the color black. If you want to add some songs about money, you can access the Money bucket playlist here (with almost 400 songs!) and get some ideas from my Riding for Riches profile to see what I did to the songs. 

One of the tracks that made the Black Friday playlist was featured as a Mainstream Music Monday: you’re going to want to include this song in your ride to describe the stampede of shoppers you have to avoid!

Even better than just the music suggestions, we have two ready-to-go shopping-themed profiles, because you may be too busy shopping (and/or recovering from cooking, planning, eating, and forcing a smile at Uncle Bob’s bad jokes) to make a new profile to celebrate this consumer carnival day, amiright? Don’t worry—we’ll help you embrace the art of retail therapy in your classes with our two super-fun, energy-filled profiles, the Shop Til You Drop profile by Christine Nielsen and the Intervals in the Shopping Mall profile by the always-entertaining Bill Pierce.

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  1. There are two songs that I used in my ‘Black Friday Intervals at the Shopping Mall’ ride which may be added to the list for next year:

    Shopping by the J-Pop group Bargains 132 BPM 5:21
    Labels or Love by Fergie 132 BPM 3:51

    Both available on Spotify.

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