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Theme Ride Thursday: Colors Playlist

From our vault…

Why is it that seeing a rainbow can elicit such immediate happiness? The colors can make you stop in your tracks, pull out your camera, and take a picture. 

The marketer inside me has always been intrigued by the psychology of color. While there aren’t many studies on how our brain perceives color and what it visualizes, color has been used for decades to manipulate our purchasing decisions. It plays a huge role in the way we perceive a brand and its products.

In today’s current climate I especially like to see how people use the color green. What do you feel when you look at the logos below?

green colors logos

Green has been described as the following:

  • symbolizing nature and growth
  • soothing, relaxing, calming, safety
  • elicits a sense of trust, prosperity, and balance
  • considered beneficial to the mind and body

Green has also been widely used in stores to calm and relax customers. The color green stimulates harmony in your brain and encourages balance, leading to decisiveness. (Oh you, tricky marketers!)

For this week’s Theme Ride Thursday, we’ve put together a playlist of colors for your next profile. Make it a fun ride and play a song representing every color of the rainbow, then ask your students what they think each color represents. And in case they ask, here’s your cheat sheet.

Some of our favorite songs listed by color on this playlist are:

    • Green – “Green Light” by Lorde, “Green Light” by John Legend and Andre 3000, and “Greenlight” by Pitbull, Flo Rida, and LunchMoney Lewis
    • Black – “Black Betty” by Ram Jam and “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones 

Let us know if you have others to add!

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  1. This is an amazing playlist for ICG coach by colour or Stages flight. Your options for creativity are endless….

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