Theme Ride Thursday: Feelin’ Emotions

In this week’s Theme Ride Thursday we’re exploring emotions—songs that make you dance your little happy dance, or those that you rage to when ticked off. We focused on the eight basic emotions: anger, anticipation, joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, and disgust, and some variations of these. For example, mad, excited, happy, elated, afraid, despondent, etc. We also included a few songs about emotions, like “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith. So whether you’re happy, sad, excited, mad, fearful, or fearless, this playlist is sure to be a go-to for your next profile. As usual, let us know what we missed and we’ll get it added to the Spotify playlist. And don’t forget about our theme ride contest. A profile based on emotions would make a great entry!

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  1. So many great songs in this list!

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