Theme Ride Thursday: Honor Your Friendships with This Playlist

There is always a great reason to play songs about your best friends in your classes, such as celebrating one of your loyal riders, but did you know there is a National Best Friends Day on June 8, and International Day of Friendship is on July 30?

And have we got the playlist for you!

This playlist currently has over 130 songs to choose from, ranging from best friends to ex-friends. Make an entire theme ride out of the various stages of friendship, or pick a track or two to recognize a participant in your class or to honor those best friends who met in your class or your gym who have decided to tie the knot.

Below is a sample of some of the songs you’ll find in this playlist…

All My Friends, The Revivalists, 3:45, 90 bpm
Use it for a higher-cadence, moderate-intensity effort, either in an endurance profile or in between longer climbs.

Be My Friend, Dario G, 8:08, 155 bpm
A long, fast climb at 77 rpm. This is a great track to become friends with those longer sub-threshold (sweet-spot) intervals. 

We’re Going to Be Friends, The White Stripes, 2:20, 98 bpm
At just over 2 minutes, this track is a great for a recovery. Make sure to put this song in your “Back to School” bucket playlist as well.


Below is the ICA Friends/Friendship Bucket Playlist 

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