Theme Ride Thursday: Horse Racing

It’s time to hop on that saddle and ride your way to the finish line with these three themed playlists. Themes include horses and horse racing, speed/going fast, and victory/winning. You can place your bets on these songs!

For a fun interval theme ride based on the Kentucky Derby, make sure to check out our Derby Days Quick Profile by Suzy Stelmaszek. 

These playlists aren’t limited to horse racing—why not create a fun theme on going fast while performing high-cadence drills? Or throw any of these songs about winning and victory into your profiles based on the Tour de France or other bicycle races or when your favorite local sports team is set to play. 

If you’re a horse lover, March 1 is World Horse Day and December 13 is National Day of the Horse, so mark your calendars and keep these playlists on hand!

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