Theme Ride Thursday: International Day of Happiness—What a Great Theme for a Ride!

Did you know March 20 is International Day of Happiness?

What a great theme for a fun, happy-go-lucky cycling class! 

I created this profile called “Things That Make Me Happy” back in November of 2020. It wasn’t for International Day of Happiness; I created it because during the pandemic, I thought we all could use some things to make us happy and to share those with our riders. 

You can take that same idea and create a similar profile, using songs about those things that make you smile: family, pets, bicycles, nature, beach, certain foods, or just being alive. Or, throw in songs about dancing that make you want to get out of your seat and move your feet. 

I’ve got you covered with a treasure trove of six bucket playlists below for your International Day of Happiness Ride! The ICA bucket playlist for “HAPPY/JOY” contains about 170 songs. The “ALIVE” playlist has over 200 songs (select a song or two about being happy to be alive). Our playlist called “FEELS GOOD” has over 150 songs about feeling good. Our playlist “LIFE IS GOOD” has almost 100 songs. Since you smile when you’re happy, find some songs about smiling with our “SMILE” playlist of about 90 songs. And finally, put on those boogie shoes and dance—you’ve got almost 200 songs to choose from in our “DANCING/BOOGIE/BAILAR” playlist! 

Let’s be real, though…you don’t NEED an international day to celebrate being happy, right? Create this profile now, but then pull it out again this summer or next fall just to make your riders (and yourself) happy. In fact, I bet you’ll be cueing up this playlist at your next party at home!

Remember, even if you don’t currently use Spotify to teach, you can still use the free Spotify version and save these playlists below to your free account. Then peruse them and search for the tracks you enjoy in the music resource of your choice. 

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