Theme Ride Thursday: Songs That Ask Questions

What’s Up? Who Knew? Isn’t She Lovely? How Soon Is Now? How Long? Who Can It Be Now? Are You Ready? Who Are You? What Am I? How Will I Know? (Can You) Tell Me Why? Who Do You Love? And most importantly, Where’s the Party?

So many great questions, so many great songs!

ICA member Sevana Drayer posted in the ICA Facebook group that she’s looking for songs that ask questions for a theme ride she was preparing. What a fun idea! It turned into an entertaining search for more and more songs that interrogate or plead. Currently, the playlist below has 311 tracks in it and still growing. Some of the questions are rhetorical; sometimes the singer seems to truly desire an answer.

As usual, if you notice I’m missing one, let me know in the comments. And if you create a theme ride with songs from this playlist, please let us know as well.

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