Theme Ride Thursdays: Pet Lovers Unite for International Pet Month (May)

In addition to being International Drum Month, did you know that May is also International Pet Month? Normally, I wouldn’t think those two things would go well together…that is, until I found this cool cat playing drums! 

But of course, we have a pet-themed bucket playlist for you! In fact, I’ve got five separate animal playlists to peruse for a fun pet-themed ride. The first one is a general collection of songs about animals (over 370 songs), one is for dogs (about 115 songs), and another is for cats (over 90 songs). (There is some overlap between these three, but depending on how you want to focus your theme ride—all cats or all dogs or a mixture—this way you will spend less time searching for songs.) If your pet is of the larger, hooved variety, we have a playlist of songs about horses as well (over 120 songs). And finally, maybe you are a bird lover? Yes, we’ve got that covered, too! (43 songs)

Let’s talk cats first. Anyone who knows me might give me the label of “crazy cat lady,” and I happily wear that moniker! I am ruled by my three furry friends, Maddie, Izzy, and Gibby. You can be sure I’ll be throwing some cat songs into my rides in May! Some of the many songs about cats in our bucket playlist are humorous while also being a perfect tempo for the cycling studio.

For giggles, you will want to add a song or two by The Kiffness to your cat ride. This artist takes soundbites of actual cats’ meows (or whatever you call that gurgling sound some cats do when they are annoyed) and makes entire songs around them. And, yes, they can be found on Spotify! 

Remember this song by Squeeze (from 1979!), “Cool for Cats”? It’s 144 bpm, so it would make for a fun, quick climb; stand or surge the legs on the chorus when he sings in his heavy British accent, “Cool for cats.” 

Or perhaps dogs are more your style; maybe you have bonded with some of your riders over your love of dogs. Two of my riders often stay after class and share stories about their dogs—one has a pup who has gone through a recent major surgery so we are always asking her for updates on how he is doing.

For dog lovers, you’re going to want to include “Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)” by Brett Dennen. It’s a quick little ditty at 90 bpm, making it perfect for a fast flat at a moderate to hard intensity. 

Another 90 bpm track called “Chihuahua” by DJ Bobo will make you smile. This would be especially fun if you or one of your riders is owned by a Chihuahua!

Include this song about Seamus the hound dog by Pink Floyd as a cool-down or recovery. 

Birds are really cool pets. But…have you heard about the Surfin’ Bird? Let the Ramones tell you all about them! It’s 96 bpm—you can do some hard, fast intervals within this track.

As usual, if we are missing any of your favorite songs about any kind of animal, but most specifically cats and dogs, let me know in the comments.

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  1. How fun! Looking forward to putting together a new fun profile ????

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