Wednesday Timeless Classics: Versatile and Timeless


  1. Sangrederosa, absolutely! There are many awesome Schiller songs and I’ll be sure to add more to the Wed timeless classics list! Because they are sure classics. But if they have a new album coming out (thanks for the heads up Brigitte) I’ll be all over that one and will be sure to let you all know what’s good for cycling!

  2. Can you provide more song titles from schiller thanks

  3. I have a 6:12 min version from the Album “Zeitgeist, 98bpm, also very nice 🙂 And I can’t wait for the new album which should get released tomorrw!

  4. I believe someone gave the longer remix to me many years ago – it says 2006 on my iTunes which is when I first set up my iTunes on a Mac and copied a lot of my cds. I wish I could tell you where to get it. I don’t understand music sometimes

  5. I can listen to it online but can’t find anywhere to buy it. I also can’t download from file serving sites so those are out. Thanks!

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