Wednesday Timeless Classics: Two Energetic Tracks of the Same Name You’ll Never Tire of Using


  1. Thanks, Jennifer! I used Swamp Thing in my class last night, just as you cued it up for climbing. It was awesome.

  2. I often use this song as a pyramid drill
    30 secs on hard 30 off off
    45 on hard 30 off
    60 secs on 30 off.
    Etc etc….
    Especially if you have a Keiser board & use the cadence circles as a guide for participants.
    Makes it fun if you can tell everyone to make the circle red & then recover in blue.

  3. It never goes wrong when Juno Reactor invades the room. Nothing but good energy! I want to ride just by listening to them!
    Thanks for sharing these new ones, at least for me.

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