Wednesday Timeless Classics: Great Climbing Classic That You Probably Never Heard Before


  1. Classic track, thanks for sharing this gem. For me, this is a climb – not in the classic 60-80rpm “Spinning” sense but it’s the cadence I prefer when climbing outdoors. The lightness of the rhythm reflects those “easy” climbs that I can enjoy, no suffering involved, just enjoying the feeling of riding uphill. I will be using this in my next profile!

  2. With tempo climb I might align, still the track I hear as “airy, detached” as when reaching a summit that flattens out. Sounds definitely not “steep” to me.

  3. Moritz, how about using it for one of the hard tempo climbs Tom just described in his latest Strategy for Strength, at higher cadence climbs up to 90 rpm?

  4. I hear a climb on this track. It’s the ying/yang conundrum – what do you hear – the guitar for the climb or the percussion for a ‘headwind’. I’m a big fan of ying/yang tracks.

  5. Thanks for the hint, I did not know this track from Faithless yet.
    For me this is a pretty fast for a climb (it’s 90 bpm, so if you ride to the beat it’s 90 rpm), hence a “flat with headwind”, “false flat” at most. But as usual: you mileage my vary 😉

  6. I love how you describe climbing as “the uphill arts”!
    I am a huge Faithless fan, and I’ve not used this one before, but I will remedy that very soon! Thanks so much.

    I close my eyes and picture a flat road though, perhaps a warmup. Though if I added some resistance, it most certainly could be a tempo climb, like Tom just talked about in his Strategy for Strength on tempo climbs.

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