Exuding Passion as a Spinning® Instructor!

Davide Camerini, a longtime ICA member and Spinning® instructor from Italy who I originally met at WSSC while still with Spinning, has a blog titled La Passione Per L’Indoor Cycling (The Passion For Indoor Cycling).

He put up this post the other day to promote our guide 101 Ways to be a Better Indoor Cycling Instructor (THANK YOU Davide!), and also posted it to my Facebook page with the photo of me teaching the Triple Threat workshop at WSSC 2008.

This was his post in Italian:

Avete bisogno di motivare e inspirare i vostri studenti come non lo avete mai fatto prima ?

Avete bisogno di motivare e inspirare i vostri studenti come non lo avete mai fatto prima ?

Concetti di visualizzazione, coaching, profili impegnativi ma divertenti, e tanta scienza della formazione!

Vi facciamo risparmiare ore di tempo per preparare le vostre ride, salite epiche, intervalli efficaci, scenari da corsa impegnativi, giochi divertenti profili a tema e tanto, tanto altro…

Cliccate qui per scaricare gratuitamente la guida Gratuita: 101 modi per essere un ottimo istruttore!

Questo è soltanto  un piccolo esempio di tutto quello che troverete i uno dei siti online diformazione più famosi al mondo creato e aggiornato costantemente da alcuni professionisti  del settore come  i Master trainer Jennifer Sage e Tom Scotto.

Siete curiosi?  leggete questo post dedicato a Jennifer Sage, oppure la sue esperienze nel corso degli anni come Master Instructor for Team Spinning International, andate a visitare anche il sito di Tom scotto..

Nelle foto sopra potete vedere Jennifer Sage durante una delle sue numerosissime ride formative durante la conferenza più importante del mondo del Spinning ® nel 2008 WSSC a Miami.

Sono veramente molto felice di presentarvi una delle persone che ha cambiato radicalmente con tutte le nozioni acquisite, il mio modo di insegnare l’indoor cycling.

Un grazie di cuore a Jennifer per tutto quello che ha fatto e che sta facendo per riuscire ad inspirare professionalmente tutti gli istruttori di Spinning ® e d’indoor cycling.

Buona formazione e buon lavoro a tutti voi grandi appassionati del mondo del pedale indoor e outdoor.

My Italian is limited—it’s not close enough to French to help me—so I plugged that into Google translate (see note below on a funny translation error):

Do you need to motivate and inspire your students as you have never done before?

Concepts of visualization, coaching profiles, challenging but fun, and a lot of the science of training! We save you hours of time to prepare your ride, epic climbs, intervals effective, challenging scenarios racing games, fun theme profiles, and much, much more …

Click here to download the free guide Free: 101 ways to be a great instructor!
This is just a small example of what you’ll find one of the sites online training most famous in the world created and constantly updated by some industry professionals as the Master Trainer Jennifer Sage and Tom Scotto.

Are you curious? Read this post dedicated to Jennifer Sage, or his experiences over the years as a Master Instructor for Spinning Team International, go to visit the website of Tom Scotto.

In the picture above you can see Jennifer Sage during one of his many ride training during the conference of the world’s leading Spinning ® in 2008 WSSC in Miami.

I am really very happy to present you one of the people that has radically changed with all the knowledge gained, the way I teach indoor cycling.

A big thank you to Jennifer for everything he has done and is doing to be able to breathe in all professional instructors of Spinning ® and indoor cycling.

Good training and good luck to all of you great fans of the world pedal indoor and outdoor.

My heart is full! All I can say is you are welcome, Davide, and thank you for your passion for this amazing sport/training/exercise/activity we all love so much! Keep inspiring your students, keep spreading the word to other instructors who want to raise their own level of coaching.

Below is the full version of the photo Davide posted:

On stage for Triple Threat

*Note: On a funny note…I left the Google translation exactly as is, except for one thing… First, for those that don’t speak another language, automated translation programs can’t differentiate the gender of pronouns (i.e., he & she, his & hers), which in many languages (especially romantic languages) are determined by the gender of the object, not the subject. That is something that doesn’t exist in English! So just in case you’re wondering, Davide doesn’t think I’m a “he”! 😉

However…”scotto” in Italian apparently means “overcooked,” which was the translation it gave for Tom’s last name. So yeah, I changed that!


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  1. Dear Jennifer, thank you! I am very happy to be a subscriber to ICA. My skills as an instructor and my knowledge in the field are also improved thanks to you and your precious skills. Kind regards, David Camerini (Tuscany, Italy).

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