Why Your Students Should Think of Themselves as Athletes

Two past ICA articles by Tom Scotto encouraged instructors to think of their students as athletes, and to design their program and profiles to reflect that mindset. ICA contributor Bill Roach has taken this a step further and asked his students to think of themselves as athletes. Here is his message to his students in his recent newsletter.Bill Roach has written numerous articles on this site on how to increase your communication with your students via a newsletter (see links below). I am on his newsletter mailing list and am always amazed and inspired by what he is giving to his students. It’s a veritable education and endless motivation. No wonder why his students keep coming back!

This morning, his advice was for them to think of themselves as athletes. Here is what he said:

THINKING OF OURSELVES AS ATHLETES: The distinction between medical program participants, basic health-seekers, and athletes is useful in many respects but I want to suggest another dichotomy: that we should all consider ourselves athletes.

What does an athlete bring to the table? Dedication. I mean dedication to all things that will improve their performance: working out when needed, resting when needed, using the best exercise science available, using nutrition as a performance tool, understanding the mind-body connection. We can all benefit from that kind of dedication.

To me, it’s all summed up best by simply thinking of myself as an athlete. Even if I’m not currently competing.

So try thinking of yourself a little differently. You don’t have to tell anyone. Just regard yourself as an athlete for a few days and see if you don’t expect a little more from yourself.

Do you inspire your students to think of themselves as athletes?

Have you listened to the audio interview with Tom Scotto in which we discussed the fitness versus athlete approach? Have you read the article in which Tom challenges you to change your mindset, as well as the mindset of your student? This is exactly what Bill is doing in his newsletter.

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