2023 Grammys Profile: Two Progressive Loops with Increasing Intensity

For the past five years, Julianne has given us a fun Grammy profile—and this year she delivers yet another great one. This ride is quite challenging, with two long loops of gradually increasing intensity.

Also provided is a bucket playlist of all the Grammy-nominated songs so you can switch out any of the tracks if you have a different preference.

The Grammys take place on February 5, but don’t let that limit when you teach this ride—it’s a celebration of music that can be done anytime!

One thing I want you to notice about Julianne’s skilled profile creation—each profile has a purpose; she doesn’t fall into the trap of doing the same thing with every collection of songs she’s faced with and it’s never just a mishmash of tracks. She analyzes the tempo, energy, and length of the songs and decides how they can work together, moving them around to create a profile with a purpose. She also endeavors to include a wide range of genres. Here are the objectives of the past five years of Grammy profiles: 2019 is three blocks of work (two with decreasing cadences, one with increasing cadence); 2020 is a steady-state Zone 3 effort (harder than one might think!); 2021 is three blocks of work, each with decreasing cadence and increasing intensity; 2022 is threshold repeats. And then, of course, 2023 is two longer blocks of work.

If you decide you want to create a profile using only Grammy-winning songs from this year, you narrow your choices substantially. It’s certainly possible, but I suggest doing a combination of past years instead of just this year’s winners. One option is to simply use the five years of songs that Julianne used in the profiles linked above and sticking with one of the objectives she used or slightly modifying it to match the songs you like. That should take away some of the work for you since Julianne has laid them out so nicely.

Another option is to reach even further back through the history of the Grammys. Here is an extensive list of past Grammy-winning songs and here is a more specific collection of “songs of the year” since 1959. You can also throw in past “record of the year” winners to widen your choices. 

Below you will find the 2023 Grammy Profile (PDFs and Excel), the accompanying Spotify playlist, and the full bucket playlist of Grammy-nominated songs. 

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