226 Fun and Festive Songs for Your Holiday Profiles

It’s holiday playlist time! Last year’s list has been edited, with some fun new songs added and others taken out that I thought weren’t very “spinnable” (though I did keep some classic Sinatra Christmas songs which are good for pre- and post-class). It’s so easy to choose your perfect holiday playlist from this list of 226 fun and festive songs.

As usual, if you have any really good songs that you love to ride to during the holidays, please post them in the comments below.


  1. I did a whole class of seasonal music last week which I called Christmas Overload. It was a muscular overload class and I told the clas that they would hate the music during the work and Love it during the recoveries. Ionly used music from the Los Straitjackets album Yuletide and from their recent Holiday Revue album with Nick Lowe as well as some Brian Setzer as filler. His 7 minute Nutcracker Suite is my absolute favorite piece of seasonal music.

    1. Author

      Knowing your music, I can’t wait to check these out and add them to the list! =)

    2. What did you use for drills for your Christmas Overload?

      1. Dawn: My profile used a protocol like the one Tom Scotto described in his article on OCD: Overload. I think it was published in October of this year. I sorted the songs into a descending cadence ladder, then grouped them into three sections with a longer recovery between sections. We overloaded for the first part of each song and took a break (not a complete recovery) until the end of the song. I constructed the class that way because I knew there would be some relatively inexperienced people in class that day. I wanted them to become comfortable with the concept of failure but to initially have those experiences before they had lots and lots of resistance on the bike. With a descending cadence ladder I could lead them there gently (which is an ironic way to describe any overload class).

  2. Author

    Edward, I’ll see if we can start doing that in the future. It would be great wouldn’t it? But, it would take many many hours for hundreds of songs!

    @Bill, yeah, dang. I should have included those since I had your profile already! I’m putting them, as well as the Dent May song, into next year’s for sure. Thanks!

  3. Feel free to add any of the songs used in my Ridin’ for Rudolph and the Reindeer profile. Except for TSO, Run-DMC, and Reliant K, I don’t think any of the other songs o the playlist are included in your list. Additionally, the following songs will be included in any new holiday profiles that I create:
    Julian Casablancas from The Strokes has a rockin’ good holiday song titled ‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today.’ The song is currently featured in an Acura commercial and was performed live on Fallon a few years ago.
    Dent May has a new release called ‘I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas.’ It may not work for every audience but my riders will get a kick from it.

  4. Thank you so much for providing these song lists! Is it possible to have RPM’s added to this list (and the Thanksgiving List)?


    1. Here’s an option for obtaining the BPM. Take some of the songs and add them to your own Spotify playlist. Then go to http://static.echonest.com/SortYourMusic/ and log into your Spotify account. Select your playlist and it will show you the BPM for the songs in that playlist.

      Hope this helps!

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