6 Surefire Ways to Double the Number of Your Indoor Cycling Profiles

Over the past almost 20 years I’ve been working with instructors, I’ve come to know how they stress over having new profiles, and bemoan how long it takes to create new ones. I do too! But with a few quick tweaks, you can double or triple your existing profiles in no time!

Begin by taking a handful of your favorite and most popular profiles and waving the following magic wands over them. Chances are, your students will have no idea it is basically the same terrain you used a few weeks before. Simply by changing the way you describe your ride, it will feel entirely new.

Below are six ways to change your existing profiles. Many of the suggestions cross over to the others, but even if you combine a couple of these suggestions, by making one of these items your primary focus, you can turn one profile into several new ones.


  1. My struggle isn’t so much creating a new profile, it’s making a playlist of music. I sometimes get stuck in a rut with the same music. New music ideas that I get excited about are hard to find!

  2. This is really good. I keep my profiles for a year and redo the profile I did about a year ago when I need something different. This gives me a bunch of new ideas about how to do so.

  3. I love this! I’ve done some tweaks once or twice, but this really opens my mind to how much more potential lies in some of my favorite profiles!!

    1. Author

      as I was writing it I even came up with some ideas for some of my own profiles, and ones here on ICA! =)

      1. Ooooo–it would be even more fabulous if you posted a redo of a previous ICA profile as a bonus example of how well this works!

          1. Just curious if this “redo” ever happened? And thank you for this article I found it useful!

          2. Author

            Deanne, not yet! It’s a really time-consuming prospect, but it’s on my list.

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