85 Ways to Play The Fool in Your Classes!

It’s time to have some fun! Have you ever done an April Fool’s theme ride? Here are 86 songs to keep your riders smiling. Got any more to add to this list?


  1. Ha ! I have an edited version of “Let it Go”. I took out the long intro and right when the chorus starts, I have the sound of a record needle scratching across the record, and the song ends. There are several things you can say at this point.

    “anyone have a problem with that?”
    “are we sick of this yet?”
    “Best version evah!”

    1. Author

      Oh Joe, this is PERFECT! I’m going to do this next year! How did you add the needle scratching? Did you find a soundbite and then add it in Mixmeister?

      1. I’ll send it to you. it’s only about 20 seconds long. But FYI, I found some soundbites of needle scratches and did the editing on Audacity.

  2. I had thought of doing a play list based on Weird Al’s parodies would be a good April Fool’s class. I’m still working on it. I think I’ll incorporate some of your songs in it.

  3. Wow, great selection to choose from! I’m an April Fool’s baby and I get to teach that day! I’m sure the jokes on me!!!

  4. Another one to add to your list… I’m Only Joking, Kongos (clean version on Spotify)

  5. My thought goes along with your last “scary” April Fools joke and it would be to introduce the profile that features all the crazy contraindications out there.

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