Ask the Expert: Are the New Schwinn Magnetic Bikes Stealing Your Pedal Stroke?

Many thanks to Kimberly Matte for passing along a question her riders asked concerning the new Schwinn AC bike with magnetic brake:

“Could you help me explain why these new Schwinn magnetic bikes feel different from the old weighted flywheel padded bikes? I have my own idea, but would like someone with your experience to help me out. My clients feel that their pedal stroke drop out at the bottom when they are doing a standing climb, but not when they’re sitting. I informed them that they may need to add a little more resistance and not forget about the pull up as they push down. As they have use of their body weight and no weighted flywheel to push around. Is this correct? Some noticed it and others didn’t. The bikes are out of the box, so I can’t imagine it being a maintenance issue.”

The short answer is: “It is not the bike.” However, there is an adjustment on the new Schwinn AC bike that may be exacerbating the pedal stroke issue.


  1. Wow what a timely article. We just received eight Schwinn AC bikes. I too felt what I call a “slip” in the pedal stroke. I had thought the bikes are belt rather than chain driven, thus causing the weird experience.

    I did realize that it would encourage the participants to develop a smoother pedal stroke and maintain pressure on the pedal.

    Thank you once again for great advice I will ask my supervisor about the adjustment tool and instructions.

    1. Robert, you are most welcome. Even though we are only using a bike (hehe), it appears to take a collective effort for all of us to stay on top of the new equipment and technology. All the best, Tom.

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