Get Addicted to Spinning®

Please share this video with your students and prospective students, especially those who might be tentative about coming to a cycling class for fear they aren’t “fit enough.” This company, ThinAddictives, contacted me about filming this video to help inspire women to take up indoor cycling. They have a brilliant campaign designed to show women how easy it can be to make healthy choices. It really was an honor to be selected to help women become addicted to fitness! Hopefully, this will inspire more women to try out a Spinning® or indoor cycling class in their area.

For more of their “Get Addicted” series, check out the ThinAddictives YouTube page.

The video was shot at Breathe Cycling and Yoga studio in Denver, owned by ICA member Sarah Russell. Not all her members are women, mind you, but this particular class has a lot of wonderful, committed ladies!

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