Class Profile: A Cadence Ladder 80–100 RPM

This profile will help your students develop pedaling skills and increase their comfortable range of cadences. It is an ascending ladder from 80–100 rpm. You can also take the techniques outlined in this profile and use them as shorter drills in other classes.

This profile concept is taken from the original ICA profile called Cause and Effect. I recommend that you print out both profiles and find the cueing that works best for you to explain the relationship between cadence and resistance and their effect on heart rate and intensity. 

A great follow-up to this profile is the ICA profile called Spin-ups and Accelerations

ICA members can find the profile below.


  1. I have used this song for about 3 or 4 years. I love the beat and the subtleness of the sound. It allows rider to draw energy from the song rather than having the music get in the way of the riders focus on the hill.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I taught this profile today and it was fantastic, loved by the whole class.
    Very fit bunch 9 of them, what I loved about it was the build of cadence and hoe
    W they really tried to hold the resistance until they really couldn’t and then only released a tiny bit.
    I actually allowed them in the 90-98 rpm to go a little over threshold and they loved it lots of sweat and lots of calories burnt we have cadence monitors and it shoe
    Ws calories as well no power unfortunately, hopefully after WWSC I will understand more about power and look into investing in that. Thanks again can’t wait to do the next one.

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