Audio Profile: Climb, Climb Again

Last month I was in Seattle and had a chance to take Shari Miranda’s cycling class at the Seattle Athletic Club downtown. Shari is a longtime passionate cycling instructor who I originally met through an online forum. She has long been a follower of my blogs and websites because she is always seeking to learn more about physiology, training, and being an inspiring coach. She also has excellent editing skills; Shari has been the editor for ICA since we launched over two years ago and has also edited all of my e-books! As I like to say, she waves her magic wand over everything we write.

But when I took her class last month, I discovered she also has a magic wand in her cycling class! She has an excellent rapport with her students and a powerful yet soft-spoken coaching style that makes you want to work hard. The clever climbing profile provided plenty of opportunities to push oneself. I enjoyed it so much I asked if we could record it for an ICA audio profile because it’s perfect for our audience here on ICA: realistic, fun, engaging, hard, and great music!

It’s a profile called Climb, Climb Again and involves four separate hills, each of which you ride twice (for eight total hill repeats). The first time you ride each hill, it takes you 5 minutes at a moderately hard pace. Then you visualize going back down and riding back up the very same hill, this time in only 3 minutes. You know what would happen if you did that outside, right? You’d have to push yourself to go a lot harder! So it turns this profile into a very real simulation of outdoor training.

Hint: If you are ever visiting Seattle and want a great workout, call the Seattle Athletic Club and find out when Shari is teaching. The SAC is right on the water near the famous Pike Place Market, very close to all the downtown fun attractions and one block from the original Starbucks. After your early evening workout, get cleaned up, go wine tasting across the street (there’s a great little place with Washington State wines), then go out for an amazing fish dinner at one of Seattle’s renowned restaurants. WHAT a great visit, and you get your workout in to boot!


  1. Hi, always proud to found great resources on ICA for our beloved work as isntructors. I’m going to play this one in my classes soon but revised in playlist to suite best our european taste. Join me on mixcloud to hear some of my original and past profile classes. Search for Arduo. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi
    I’ve seen your association on fb and would like to join you.
    Best regards

  3. While I changed a bit of the music, I used the profile for 3 classes this week. Recieved a lot of “good class” comments as folks walked out!



  5. Hey guys,
    I’m so sorry that song is proving hard to find! I thought I got it on eMusic, but it was so long ago that may not be correct.
    If you Google “Jig by Fluke” (be sure to put it in quotes), you will see some possible sources, though I can’t vouch for the legality of those sites (or the Russian-type ones). In my search, it looks like Spotify has it?
    Here are a few alternate songs that I think would work well, if you’d rather use one of these:
    Ready To Go, Republica, 65 rpm
    Animal Rights, Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner, 64 rpm
    Give It 2 Me, Madonna, 64 rpm
    Uprising, Muse, 63 rpm
    Amazing (Bill Hamel Radio Mix), Seal, 64 rpm

  6. Ditto to what Michael says above. Can you please tell us where to find the 5 min version of Jig by Fluke. A really neat tune! THANKS.
    Great profile. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. I am unable to locate “Jig” by Fluke. It is not in the album you wrote and I cannot find it on eMusic. I did find it on You Tube. Am I missing something here? I really like the song. Youtube had it on The Peel Sessions album. hmmm Thanks for the Profile. Its fun.

  8. Pat, that’s great to hear!!

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for the profile. Used it in class this past week and it went over very well. I plan on using it again this week in a different class.

  10. Hey, thanks Sara! 🙂

  11. Great job Shari. Terrific music and profile.

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