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UPDATE: It appears the original location for BPM Widget is no longer active. I’ve updated the link to an alternate location. Sorry about that.

In this video I demonstrate how the FREE BPM Widget for Mac is used to determine the bpm (beats per minute) of a song. This widget works beautifully with iTunes, since it has the ability to add the bpm to the song with one click. I’ve also provided links to Tap BPM which is a similar tool that works from a web browser, Mac, and PC. Unfortunately Tap BPM does not integrate with iTunes so you will have to add the bpm to the song manually.

BPM Widget for Mac:

(Select “Music” in the Category column and then scroll down and click on “bpmWidget”)

Tap BPM for web, Mac, and PC


  1. same error message

  2. I get the same message Robert

  3. I already use the Tap BPM but this tip saves a few keystrokes entering the value into iTunes.

    However, is it just me but clicking on the BPM WIdget link (or trying to download it from Apple Store) results in a “not on this server” error message?

  4. Tom – It looks like you are using Mountain Lion. I have been reluctant to upgrade because I am scared of losing my beloved ITunes-BPM. I discovered it as a free download years ago long before there was such a thing as a widget. I live in fear that It won’t be supported when I upgrade. It looks like I can go ahead and move to the newest OS. Thanks.

  5. Nice article Tom… I’m much happier manually choosing the BMP of a track than using an automatic / btch analyzer…

    I liked Cadence BPM Tapper, it used to be free on both platforms but they seem to charge $2 on the Mac now via the App Store 🙁

    …the Windows version is still free (you need to have the .NET framework installed if not already available – you will be prompted to download it)…

    Similar to the BPM Widget you click the iTunes icon in Cadence App and it is saved into the current track info…

    Here’s the info:

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