aerobic conditioning

Audio Master Class: Base Building—Aerobic Conditioning

As January is upon us, it is time once again to rebuild our fitness. This base-building process has a number of elements such as muscular endurance, muscular strength, leg speed, aerobic endurance, and, our focus for this profile, aerobic conditioning.


  1. Download seems not to work, I get a 1kB MP3 file only ?

    1. Thanks John for correcting the download

  2. I love this class profile Tom! Great music too!
    Thank You!

  3. This was a really nice class. Thank you.

  4. Tom,

    This was a great audio cast.

    I am working on base building this month with my class and in my personal computrianing. It has been really fantastic to see the transformation from “If I am not going hard, I am not getting a good work out” to “Wow, I did burn, sweat and challenge myself…. and I amazingly feel refreshed after this ride rather than ready to collapse” –

    I will incorporate this profile with my class this week.

    Thank you!!!


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