Ben Greenfield Asks: Is Indoor Cycling Bad For You?

My interview on the Ben Greenfield podcast was posted yesterday (my third podcast in two months!) on whether indoor cycling is bad for you. Actually, Ben, who is an elite triathlete, personal trainer, and fitness blogger/podcaster/presenter, is really good with creating headlines that turn heads! Basically we discuss how to take indoor cycling classes in order to maximize your potential for success and reduce chances of injuries. You know…by keeping it real! I’ve been interviewed by Ben Greenfield in the past, but this time it was really a lot of fun, and VERY timely, since the Internets have been exploding with the false belief that Spinning makes you fat. (A subject I’ll cover in a lot more detail in the coming weeks.)

You can listen to the podcast over on Ben’s website. Please share this with anyone you know who takes or teaches indoor cycling classes, because it really needs to be heard by as many participants as possible. It’s part of our efforts to clean up indoor cycling and increase the success of participants by riding right (to borrow the Schwinn mantra, which is basically another way to say Keep it Real)!

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