Audio Master Class: Classic Climbs

To highlight our summer of climbing, we present another amazing profile from Tom Scotto. Join Tom as he takes you through three killer climbs with the help of  guitar hero and classic rock. Make sure to pace yourself, that final climb at a tempo pace will demand all you’ve got! The first part of the final climb is a high cadence effort, similar to what the pros might use on aggressive climbs. Tom’s outdoor cycling experience comes out in his coaching, and will help turn you into a climbing expert as well!


  1. Taught this profile today with just a few music changes! Got good feedback! Nice hard workout! Love how the music really motivates us to keep climbing!

  2. I’m glad everyone likes this profile. It is certainly one of my favorite and more classic rock climbs have been requested from my classes. I’ll keep you posted when I have another. Thanks, Tom.

  3. Can’t wait to use this profile! Thank you Tom and Jennifer for helping me to expand beyond my normal indie/alt music. I know my class is appreciate a good KICK A$$ rock class!

  4. I did this class twice yesterday and it was great! I gave the “winner” in each class a Powerball ticket. The Powerball jackpot is valued at over $400 million so the winners had to agree to share their winnings with the class! It was a fun profile and the feedback was fantastic! Thank you!

  5. I use a lot of these songs but never in this configuration. Can’t wait to try it. My classes love Black Magic Woman and since they are Canadian they always perk up for Rush. I don’t use it often but I have a profile I call ‘Rush to Judgement’ which is all Rush, all the time.

  6. I did this tonight and my legs feel like tree trunks, so…thank you? Most of my riders tonight weren’t even born when these songs came out (except for Alive and the U2 song), so I said they were getting a lesson in what their parents (and grandparents???) were listening to. Very fun ride, and tough, too! Thanks!!

  7. Thank you for a fantastic profile! I love your music selections! They are perfect for my classes. They don’t like the long, trance-y, electronic music, and I use a lot of alternative, world, rock, instrumental in small doses – and classic rock! Love this, and your coaching style is certainly inspirational.

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