Tom Scotto and Jennifer Sage Talk About Her Trip to the Tour de France

Tom was finally able to sit down and talk with Jennifer about her trip to the Tour de France. Listen as she describes how she got started as a Tour de France fanatic and how many times she’s been to the Tour. Tom asks her how indoor cycling has helped her (and her clients) prepare for riding parts of stages at the Tour, and also how the Tour de France has inspired her indoor cycling classes.

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  1. wow, very excited to hear about the possibility of an ICA group ride in france. i also liked the connection to help us help our riders to know that even though they ride indoors that a ride outdoors like you did in france is very doable I think so many people feel and think that if they’re not outdoor riders and not super fit that an outdoor stage is not possible. i will be sure to reiterate your message here.

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