Class Profile: Spin-ups and Accelerations

A “spin-up” is a cycling term for a training technique used by cyclists to develop a quick, smooth acceleration. This profile is the perfect follow up to the Cadence Ladder from 80–100 rpm, as it builds on the skills developed there while adding the specific technique of accelerations. You will do both seated and standing spin-ups in this profile, so expect to work hard!

Download the profile below.


  1. I led the Spin-ups and Accelerations class this morning in Seattle and received a lot of positive feedback from participants. They found it challenging yet achievable. This current class is an 8-week series with focus on aerobic conditioning and technique. I encouraged them to work at a moderate intensity through the recovery sections and to not spike HR too much above lactate threshold during the high cadence sections. Two participants commented that the most challenging part was to gradually decelerate and hold 80 rpm rather than going to 65 rpm after pedaling at 100 rpm or higher.

    We are using Lifecycle GX bikes with a console that displays rpm but does not measure power/wattage. This profile is excellent for that combination. Participants can hit the cadence spot on. Power measurement is not critical for this profile, especially given my current focus on base building or maintenance and technique. I’ve tried this profile on bikes without cadence display and found it much more difficult to coach. The cadence ladder profile works well even without cadence display since riders can match pedal stroke to the music beat.

    Thanks for the thorough and effective information in this profile. I appreciate profiles like this with an exercise physiology focus much more than the holiday themed profiles. Along with this profile, the cadence ladder, speed demon, over/under, firepower, stampede, tempo tantrum and set, slam, return, recover are my favorites. Throw in the Revolution Ride in January, a few LT field tests and the Tour de France package and you have a year of fun, effective indoor cycling sessions. Thank you ICA!

  2. Jennifer- I’m not sure how this is tranlated into FTP. We use the Keiser bikes. At the point where one would Start their monitor would should we do? How do we estimate average power for that 20 minutes?

  3. just wanted to let you know that i did both the Cadence Ladder & the Spin ups & Accelerations in my class in the last month… i think i’ve got them hooked on “KEEPING IT REAL.” they both were phenomenal workouts & i have gotten nothing but positive feedback from my students… of course i think they wanted to throw tomatoes after the spin up class, but i always say, “if you hate me then i’m doing my job to take you to your limit.”

    they appreciate the time & effort I’ve put into the classes & the workouts & technique training they are getting….. THANK YOU for the direction, help, tips & your leadership!

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