Audio Master Class: The Three Divas Ride

“I never said it would be easy; I only said
it would be worth it.” ~Mae West

This quote defines what this inspirational ride is all about. Three powerful women with amazing voices guide you up three challenging hills, each with a slightly different personality. I use inspirational quotes by women—some athletes, some business women, some actresses, all intelligent and savvy. This ride is not just for women, though, so don’t despair, guys!

If you have the possibility to project images on a screen, it will heighten the impact of this ride.


  1. Taught this class today. Made a few changes such as music, using what I had already, and adding a few extra moves during the longer stretches in the saddle. I’ve only taught 2-3 classes so far from this site and I already feel like I’m improving so much as an instructor! Thank you!

  2. I’m going to use this one tomorrow – it was International Women’s Day yesterday, so this seems like a great ride to do to celebrate our amazingness!

  3. As Stacey mentioned there’s something with the download of the audio profile as MP3

    1. Thanks John for correcting the download

  4. Jennifer can you please explain what this means “Working HR Zones: Zone 3–5a” ? Is there a chart that explains the different zones?

    The bikes I will be teaching on don’t have any computers. I plan on asking students to do a couple of cadence checks throughout the class, and will instruct students how high the resistance should be on a scale of 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest). Is that correct? This is always how I’ve been taught and it’s worked well for me. Or should I just tell them how many RPM they should be going at?

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. I tried downloading the audio file twice and each time the file was 20:24, 8 minutes shorter than the audio file available via streaming. Do you have any suggestions on how to download the audio file with the complete profile? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    It is an excellent profile and I’ve taught it at 2 different clubs with positive feedback. I also used the quotes during a high intensity conditioning class which worked well. Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Author

    Lisa, thank you for sharing that. I’ll add it to my list of great quotes!

    Stephen…awesome idea! There are so many great quotes out there. Maybe when I repost the Revolution ride this year I should add some alternate quotes to use.
    We’ll have an additional New Year’s profile as well for 2014!

  7. What a great profile! One of my favorite inspirational quotes from a woman is from Doctor Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel in space: “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. . . .” I like to use that idea to remind myself that I alone decide how far I can go, how hard I can push, how long I can endure, and how much I can accomplish.

  8. This looks great. Maybe a replacement for the New Year’s Revolution ride and the quotes that go with it? Or in addition to it.

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