Audio Master Class: The Chase Across Europe and the Middle East

Introducing our next Audio Master Class, this time with guest instructor Bill Pierce. I’ve known Bill for over a decade via various online indoor cycling forums. He’s always been a gracious contributor to forums, helping out other instructors whenever possible. One can tell a lot about an instructor’s knowledge and experience by how they answer other instructors’ questions, and I have always respected Bill’s answers. He’s wise, knowledgeable about exercise physiology and proper technique, and his profiles have always been based on a solid objective. But there is always a thread of fun, humor, and/or adventure running through his rides.

He’s kind of a funny guy! 😉

One reason Bill is such a good indoor cycling coach…is that he is a marathon coach. He is running his 40th marathon in October of 2014, and over the past 10 years has coached over 100 runners who have collectively run over 900 marathons! Bill knows how to inspire others to move past their comfort zones, and brings that into his cycling classes.

Bill is also a music aficionado, and he appreciates a wide variety of genres. His students know they will not get the same ole songs in his class that they get in virtually every other class. He goes for impact, variety, and (he’ll admit), personal preference with his music choices. He’s got a lot of loyal students over a decade of teaching who wouldn’t have it any other way.

This ride is no different—it’s based on an adventure with unique and exciting music. Bill is going to take you on an epic trip to Europe and the Middle East.

Note: You’re going to need some images to use during your ride that you can either project onto a screen if you have a projector, or print them out and walk around the class to show your students. You can use these or find some of your own.


  1. I set up a poll on my indoor biking class page giving my participants three choices to pick from for the next week’s class (which was today). The Chase Across Europe… is the one they chose.

    I downloaded some similar graphics as the ones in the zip file didn’t print large enough. I modified higher res pictures using paint and printed those out to tape to the mirror when the clues were revealed one by one.

    To provide background, my class is 40 min on the bike (37 + 3 min spin down), 15 min off the bike with upper body work, and 5 min cool down. In order to stay with the same number of countries, I switched out some of the longer songs for newer or well-known authentic music with a similar bpm (in keeping with the topography) so I could squeeze it in 37 min. For some songs, I took liberties with the bpm/rpm. Below are the songs I used. You will see I used many that were provided.

    The Saint – Orbital (4:33) 148
    Techno Flamenco – Ricardo Griego (4:30) 143
    Domino – Deportivo (3:29) 165
    Italian National Anthem (Techno version) – Gabry Ponte (3:03) 138
    Call Me – Anna Vissi (Chris Cox mix) (3:26) 130
    Zorba the Greek (club remix) – Sirtaki (3:04) 140
    Everybody Needs a Man – Offer Nissim, Maya Simantov (3:22) 128
    Khayen (Swick Remix) – Omar Souleyman, Swick (3:06) 128
    Yalan – Bengu (4:34) 132
    Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles (1:00)
    Ya Soshla S Uma – t.a.T.u. (3:34) 90
    Austin Powers (Opening Theme) – Starlight Orchestra (3:10)

    Upper Body music
    Bosver – Nova Norda
    La Cintura – alvaro Soler
    Tous Les Memes remix – Stromae
    L’estate tutto l’anno – LE DEVA

    Cool Down and stretch music
    Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka
    Just the Two of Us – Dr. Evil Mix
    Austin Powers – Hollywood Soundtrack Factory
    Comme si de rien n’etait – Dadju

    The riders really liked this profile and playlist. They said they got a great workout while they were entertained (aka distracted) at the same time. I thought it went extremely well and look forward to repeating it again.

    They also like the End of the World (apocalyptic ride) option in the poll, so I scheduled it for June 24…if the world hasn’t ended by then.

  2. This is great!!!!! Looking forward to teaching this next week!

  3. The picture at the top of Fremont Pass is a testament to the benefits of indoor cycling. Jennifer hadn’t been riding outside much at this time due to work and weather. She planned to only ride the first of three passes with me and then turn back around. Jennifer was so strong from her training that she ended up riding all 3 mountain passes for a total of 77 miles and 5580 feet of elevation. The magnificent scenery and perfect weather conditions also contributed to her decision to complete the route but she may not have been able to make it without the fitnes she had from indoor cycling.

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