Class Profile: RIP 2023, A Tribute to Artists We Lost in 2023 

Putting together this year’s tribute ride for the incredible artists we lost in 2023 was a journey filled with emotions, nostalgia, and difficulty, much like the past decade of creating these special rides for the ICA community.

For a detailed list of the 789 musicians we bid farewell to in 2023, check out this comprehensive article. I’ve sprinkled a bit of background information about each artist in my playlist below. If you decide to tweak the songs, this article will provide more details on the artists.

Express Profile and Playlist: Two Loops

Get ready for a two-loop adventure that kicks off with a swift flat leading to an extended climb, followed by a thrilling downhill to a flat stretch. Finish the loop with a shorter but more intense climb that steadily increases in steepness. Repeat a second time. After conquering the loops, descend, and then decide whether to challenge your fellow riders to a race back home.

My artist selection was driven by a personal connection to the songs and artists and, of course, an eye on how the tempo and energy of each song complements the ride. Crafting this playlist was no easy feat; unfortunately, I had to leave out some greats like Kool and the Gang, Lynyrd Skynyrd, April Wine, The Smiths, and more. Feel free to swap out a few tunes to align with your taste and emotional connection to the artists. I’ve offered some suggestions on where you can make these switches.

Choosing a Tina Turner song proved to be the biggest challenge—I mean, how does one decide? After previously dedicating a ride to her last summer and playing “Proud Mary” and a few other of her big hits multiple times since then, I settled on “Ball of Confusion.” Its lively tempo of 166 bpm (83 rpm) makes it perfect for a flat road. In addition, the song’s powerful message resonates with Tina Turner’s impactful social stance.

Drop your song choices from your favorite artists who left us in 2023 in the comments below. Let’s keep the spirit of these remarkable artists alive through our rides and shared musical experiences. #RIP2023 


  1. So much fun this am!! I used this ride as a musical competition. If you knew the band or artist, you received a cute, snoopy, Valentine Hershey kiss! Thanks Jennifer!!

    1. Author

      Glad you enjoyed it, Nancy. My class sure did!

      Here it is Feb 9 and so far in 2024, very few artists have passed away (usually by now it’s much more)—let’s hope that continues so I don’t have much to draw from for a 2024 RIP ride!

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