Class Profile: The Colors Game

Jennifer Lynn is a master at creating profile games for her students. She is bringing you a Back to School series using profile games. Of course, you can use them anytime, but the fall is an especially good time to engage your students, when you’ve most likely got a larger number of new or returning students in your classes.

This first profile is called the Color Game. There are seven colors—the colors of the rainbow—and each color represents a different drill. In this particular profile the drills are all climbing drills, but you can modify it to include a variety of terrain, or do all cadence and leg-speed drills. In this game, you call on a student to select a color, and based on their choice, you do that drill next. Students do not know what the drill is—they only pick the color. It is as if you are going out on a ride together on a route and you do not know what lies ahead!

Because of this unknown element, you as the instructor must be prepared to select your song very quickly—you will need access to your iPod or CD right next to you on the bike. If you have your profile and song list spelled out carefully, this should not take longer than a few seconds, so there should be no disruption to the flow of class.

You can of course forego the game element and take this same profile and do it as it is presented here, or mix and match the drills as you like. In that case, you would just call it climbing drills.

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  1. For those members and for those wanna be members this is the ultimate climbing profile. I cannot tell you all how much I enjoyed riding this particular ride. It makes being a member of ICA so rewarding. Of course I wasn’t able to use all the music listed for this profile but I managed to substitute music that fit. I will post my song selections and hopefully some of you out there will try it. for the warm up I used crystallize by Lindsay sterling. For the slight surges (the second song) move like jagger. The third song preparation for color drill is gimme whats yours. Red drill (switchbacks) Daybreak by overwork. the first recovery We got the beat. Orange drill Team time trial Highertaio cruz and travis McCoy and the second song is 4 min MadonnaBob Sinclair remix. the recovery in that segment Starships Nikki Minage. Yellow drill The sound of sunshine (say Hey) Michael Franti no recovery there not as intense as the other hills. Green drill Untraveled road. that I used as posted in todays Fridays favorite. recovery in that segment Up around the bend Creedence Clearwater. Blue drill S&M (Dave Aude club remix) recovery is the changing lights Broken Bells. Indigo Call me a spaceman and dirty Dancer last minute of Dirty Dancer is your recovery.and the final song is Surrender Lasgo. having these profiles at your fingertips should make you want to be a member if you are not already. The articles that are written are geared for all of us in the cycling community. sorry if this is long but I was just so excited with this particular ride Have fun and be safe.

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