Level 2 Indoor Cycling Certification Offered by Cycling Fusion as an Online Course

Cycling Fusion continues to offer ground breaking opportunities to increase your education as an indoor cycling coach. Their all-day Level 2 certification was just filmed live with Sally Edwards and Tom Scotto. Anyone who purchases it will have access for six months, making this an incredible way to take a certification course. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your education as an indoor cycling coach. Cycling Fusion recently filmed live their Level 2 certification. It was presented by Tom Scotto and the legendary Sally Edwards, creator of Heart Zones.


The beauty of the Internet allows you to take this workshop online, and even access it over and over again for up to six weeks to make sure you don’t miss anything.

The online workshop is only $149.

I assure you, the quality of this education (based on what I know about Cycling Fusion, Sally Edwards, and Tom Scotto) will simply amaze you, and the price cannot be beat.


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Tom & Sally Broadcasting Level 2 Heart Zones Training

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