Developing Your Style as an Indoor Cycling Instructor, Part 2

In part 1 of this series I explained my own process to develop my style as an instructor and nurture my path to becoming a coach. This article outlines the six steps to help you as you pursue your growth in your own coaching journey. When you aspire to be a more inspirational coach, it allows you to reach beyond the walls of the cycling studio. Your students will remember your words any time they encounter challenges in their lives, whether it be physical or mental. I guarantee that when you do, you will hear comments from your students such as, “because of you, I didn’t give up!”

Keep a coaching log


  1. Hi
    Ive been a member of ica for around 9 months and you would not believe how much its articles & advice has helped me in my coaching!!Im Spinning certified but always turn to ica when i need to look up anything that will help my coaching!!
    I have used many of the profiles which are always popular with my members☺And i have the added confidence of knowing they are effective!
    I have learnt so much & yes as a studio owner i have regular members who all say they can hear my voice in there heads & have helped them mentally & physically in all parts of there life!!That means alot to me as an instructor & studio owner.
    I certainly could not do without you so thankyou ICA????
    Kindest regards

  2. Thank you Jennifer for these articles on Developing Your Own Style. As a newbie to the world of teaching, these articles could not have come at a better time.

    1. Author

      Awesome. I figured this would help “newbies”. It took me years to figure out…anything we can do to help shorten the learning curve, we’ll try our hardest!

  3. Hello Jennifer,

    Great article:) It has taken me awhile to find my ‘voice’ and now I feel relaxed and sure of myself when I teach. I try to teach each class with integrity…keeping the focus on the participants and their needs.

    My style is relaxed and I always try to encourage the participants to find an intention/purpose and to focus on that especially when the ride becomes more challenging.

    Keep sending these great articles.


  4. Sometimes it’s crazy getting out at the end of class but i have made it a point to ask for comments, thoughts, suggestions and ideas to be shared and then i write them in my journal including my own important thoughts. If i don’t write it down I’ll forget or miss the dynamic of what was shared. Then when i use that profile again i go back and reread those notes for that class/profile to make changes where needed and keep what was awesome. It’s another thing to keep in my bag of tricks but it sure has been a source i couldn’t do without.

    Thanks jennifer for giving me so many things to read, learn and add to my journal.

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