Facebook Live Mini Training: Why Cadence Matters, Part 2

Cadence is a major part of what we teach in our indoor cycling classes. 

Below is part 2 of my Facebook Live training series on Why Cadence Matters.

You can find part 1 here, where provided a basic understanding of cadence and how it’s measured, and described the physiological factors that you should consider when designing your profiles. 

In part 2,  I discuss whether rpm is a valid method of determining intensity. You hear instructors tors say how they use cadence for intensity—now you’ll have the information to understand why it’s only half of the equation and should not be used as an intensity measurement. I go into the pros and cons of dictating a specific cadence in your classes, providing many examples on both sides. I then get on the bike to demonstrate some cadence drills and coaching cues to go along with them.

You can watch the full Facebook Live session below and download the 8-page handout that goes along with it.

In the video I mention some pedal stroke drills and the cues to go with them that we’ve posted here at ICA. Here are the links to access these drills, articles, and an Ask the Expert on pedaling technique.

Olympic Rings Drill
Face of the Clock

Here is a series on how to develop a faster cadence, including drills.

Here is an Ask the Expert on quad-dominant pedal stroke (which can make the pedal stroke very uneven and make higher cadence harder to achieve.) 

If you are going to do higher-cadence drills, you need some music to go with the, right? We’ve got you covered!

This post has 6 Spotify playlists, but the ones you’ll be interested are the two that are populated with high-energy songs good for FTP testing, between 85 and 97 rpm. However, they aren’t just for FTP tests—you’ll find lots of great uses for these motivating songs. (And, I’m continually adding to these playlists as I find other great high-energy songs in this tempo range. In that original post it says there are over 200 songs—now there are well over 300!) 

Not all cadence drills need to be high-energy. This post is from our SOYMB (Step Outside Your Musical Box) series and introduces you to the “downtempo” genre. This is one of my favorite genres for pedal stroke and higher cadence work between 90 and 100 rpm, and these are my absolute favorite songs in that genre. There is some crossover with the FTP electronic playlist above since some have enough energy for threshold testing, but this one also has my favorites for endurance efforts.

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