Theme Ride Thursday: Celebrating International Women’s Day—A Tribute to Empowerment and Progress

March isn’t just about the beginning of spring—it’s also a time to celebrate pivotal moments, with International Women’s Day taking center stage on March 8. This globally recognized day has evolved over the decades into a symbol of empowerment and a platform for championing gender equality.

First observed by the United Nations in 1975, International Women’s Day underscores the importance of women’s rights and their contributions to society. Since then, it’s become a rallying cry for people, organizations, and governments globally to address gender disparities, celebrate achievements, and advocate for women’s rights.

International Women’s Day isn’t just about one day—it’s part of a broader movement for gender equality and women’s empowerment. It serves as a reminder of progress made while acknowledging ongoing challenges and the work still ahead.

In the United States, it’s also Women’s History Month, designated since 1987. This month-long observance honors women’s contributions throughout history and recognizes their pivotal roles in shaping society, culture, and politics.

Exploring Empowerment Through Music: Our International Women’s Day Playlist

As we embrace the spirit of International Women’s Day, we invite you to amplify the voices of remarkable women in your cycling classes through our specially curated bucket playlist. Featuring over 400 empowering songs by and about women, our International Women’s Day playlist showcases the resilience, strength, and creativity of women across genres and generations.

From anthems of empowerment to soul-stirring ballads, each song in our playlist reflects the diverse experiences and narratives of women worldwide. Dive into these tunes as you lead your riders through challenging summits, demanding intervals, or the final sprint in your classes, and you’ll discover inspiration, motivation, and a renewed sense of solidarity with women everywhere.

Whether you’re leading a themed cycling class, organizing a special event, or simply seeking a soundtrack for empowerment, our playlist offers a dynamic selection of songs celebrating the achievements and resilience of women. Have a favorite song that embodies the spirit of empowerment? We welcome your suggestions to enrich our bucket playlist further.

Honoring Inspirational Women: Theme Rides

In honor of this month, we have two specialty theme rides in our archives that pay tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped history and inspired generations. From the “The Diva Ride” (by Jennifer Sage), featuring quotes from iconic female figures and trailblazers, to our “Powerful Women” ride (by Lisa Piquette), celebrating female empowerment, each profile is designed to uplift, motivate, and celebrate the achievements of women. (Make sure to download the Three Divas ride to view the collection of quotes, whether you plan to lead that profile or not—you’ll definitely want to read some of them out in your class.)

Here is my promotion for this year’s ride:






  1. You included Hijabi! <3 Thank you!

  2. THIS PROFILE WAS THE BEST I had 2 full classes of inspired men and women today, loved it! ❤❤❤❤

    Next time I might replace Florence and the machine with Beyonce tho!

  3. This is a bit late, sorry, but here’s my IWD playlist and session plan from last year –

    #ThisGirlCan is a great campaign here in the UK to encourage more women to get into sport and fitness and to combat some of the prejudices about women and sport.

  4. haha. I actually did a “Girl Power Ride” today had no idea about IWD. Have to remember this for next time. Thanks! BTW used many of the songs you posted. Thanks!

  5. Thanks! Much appreciated for those of us who are slowly trying to master the rapid changes in technology. 🙂

  6. I miss when you put this type of information in PDF files. It made it easy to print and save. Maybe you can do that on spotify, I just don’t know how. Plus, I don’t have an account in spotify which I think is necessary.

    1. Author

      Colleen, the PDF is now there for download. Enjoy!

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