International Women’s Day: The Diva Ride—Rolling Hills

Last week we posted about our International Women’s Day playlist and linked back to two past themed profiles. I am teaching a modified version of my “Three Divas” ride this week and wanted to give you the express profile (Excel) and PDF for both the original Three Divas profile and the modified version that I’m calling The Diva Ride: Rolling Hills. In the updated version, I don’t devote each climb to one female performer (although that is still a great playlist for that profile!); this time I spread the love between powerful women of all genres and eras, from Shirley Bassey to Madonna and from Lizzo to Patti Smith. 

Make sure you download the original Three Divas profile; it lists the amazing quotes from inspirational women and provides motivational coaching. Write down the quotes that speak to you and your class on index cards and read them midway through the climbs and/or during the recoveries. My favorite is Mae West’s “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”

I have a new quote that I’m adding to my ride—it’s not in my original profile with the list of quotes because it’s more recent. In fact, it wasn’t even made by a woman—it was made by a man about a powerful woman. And it works perfectly for a cycling class near the end when your riders are tiring and you want to remind them how powerful they are, how committed they are. 

Nevertheless, she persisted.

If you want to change out any of the songs in either of these profiles, you’ll find plenty of options in our International Women’s Day playlist as well as our Empowering Women playlist (part of the 26 inspirational playlists collection).

The month of March is devoted to Women’s History Month, so don’t feel like you are limited to early March for this playlist. In fact, I’m planning on bringing it out again in the summer, maybe switching up a few songs. Celebrating powerful women is something we can and should do year-round, right?!

Here are my promotional posts I created in Canva for my rides. I played around with two versions. 


Below are the short-form profiles and Spotify playlists for both the original Three Divas Ride: Three Long Climbs and the updated Diva Ride: Rolling Hills


  1. I can’t wait to try this next week.
    Thank you.

  2. I absolutely loved this profile!! So easy to follow and with my older adults I know they will be able to hmmmm along. I love when I have most of the songs in my library. Had to change a few out. But that’s ok it’s working out great Thanks Jennifer!!

    1. Author

      thanks! I enjoyed teaching it as well.

      Let us know what you added—it’s always fun to see what other songs are using for a theme!

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