Halloween Profile: There’s a Halloween Party in Them Thar Hills!

This was the first theme ride posted on ICA back in 2011. We’ve added many, many more since then, but this one is still a fun theme ride.

It’s a Halloween Party in the Hills ride!

For a fun, dark song, you’ll want to include the following song in at least one of your Halloween rides. Note that the Marc La Cruz Lost in Tibet Mix of The Reaper is a little hard to find, but it is the only version of this song that has a sinister sound. In this profile, I give you some tips on how to find it.


  1. Thar’s a Party in them Hills was a fantastic ride with my group last week. They worked hard and loved it, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Author

    Yeah, I mention that it is hard to find. The profile gives some suggestions on where to find it by searching on Google. That was a few years ago. Amazon has it in vinyl! 😉

  3. love this song but cant find it on itunes 🙁

  4. this classe proffiles is super my classe love it , it’s strong and bad , song to remember and songs that bring back memories of yesterday

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