Halloween Profile: Trick or Treat!

I turned this Halloween profile into a game. 

You let your students “Trick or Treat” from your bag of tricks, and in doing so, they select the next drill. This profile has a little extra work required for the music—because you don’t know what they will pick, you can’t line your songs up in any particular order. When they pick the card from the bag, you’ll have to quickly select the song that goes with that drill. 

You’ll have to cue your songs up so that all your drill songs are together (7 of them) and all your recovery songs are together (6 of them). You will select the song in your music player that corresponds to the drill chosen by your student. With practice, this should only take a few seconds. Let them know that you’ll be doing this before you start the class (it’s not something you normally do). They’ll have so much fun they won’t care!

The songs are awesome and eerie and very energetic, and your students will thank you for helping them work off some of the candy they’ve stolen from their kids!


  1. 2023 and I’m doing this one again. It’s a winner. This group has never seen it before. Muahahahahahaha!

  2. Great interval ride and intense/spooky songs. My Sunday morning class loved, loved it. I used your narrating description throughout the songs where you referenced. I called this ride “Out to Get You … Intervals!” FYI: for those who could not download some of these songs…I could not find on itunes for Trick #2 “The Darkside”, so I used my new favorite song “Mitternacht” for this Trick and for Trick #4 Alternating Climbs, I replaced “Mitternacht” with “Devil Inside” by INXS (straight from your halloween candy playlist with breaking up the class in 2 groups…very intense and this INXS worked out perfectly for 3 sets Alternating climbs 45 sec each, then 30 sec ride easy before everyone final push up hill for 30 seconds to end of song. I love this profile so much that I will bring it back with heart pumping non-Halloween songs. Thank you!!

    1. Author

      so glad you enjoyed it Lynn. It’s one of my most favorite! I need a way to turn it into a non-Halloween profile, by replacing the idea of “trick or treat” with something else to pick out the intervals. Got any ideas?

      1. Hi Jennifer, it could be renamed “Interval Frenzy” with a new list of non-holiday songs to the same profile. It’s on my to-do list to find songs. I can post once I complete it as a suggested list of songs. All the best, Lynn

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