How To Handle Last-Minute Challenges (Like Teaching in a Construction Zone!)

I thought I had experienced just about everything that might happen in a class after about ten years of teaching.

Recently, I found that I was wrong.

As I entered my usual 9:20 am class, I found a partially repainted room and a construction crew of three men making modifications to convert the room to a barre/Pilates studio. I teach a strength class immediately before this class, so I always arrive with very little time to spare. I had received no warning this would be taking place.

The men were hard at work and showed no sign of moving, though they promised to make as little noise as possible. Their work area was right at the front of the class.  I decided there was little chance of getting a better result than that in the time available. Many students were already on their bikes warming up.

Suppressing my surprise, I laughed about it and began making some decisions:

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