Some Cool Music Video Ideas

For those who have access to video and Wi-Fi and can set up their computer in the studio, check out these mesmerizing videos to cool music. Can you imagine using them in an introspective ride, where you don’t need to say much? You’ve already given your intensity and mental challenges at the end of the previous song; now you just let them ride while watching this.




Song: Time, by DJ Bugs. 126 bpm. The song has some cool energy breaks. For example, start seated, then at 1:47 when the energy slows, stand up, stay standing as it builds, then sit back down at 2:17. 

Song: Early in the Morning, by Synthetic Sax. 128 bpm. It takes a moment for the rhythm to get going, so it could be a good warm-up or cool-down, or easy- to moderate-intensity climb in between a harder segment.



Both of these were only recently added to YouTube (May 2015) so you can subscribe to Russiamusic and I have a feeling they’ll be adding more. 

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