Heart Rate Training: The Theory. An Interview with Jennifer Klau, Ph.D.

In this very interesting FREE audio interview with Jennifer Klau, PhD, we discuss almost everything you’ll want to know about HR Training. Warning: it may shake your beliefs about heart rate training too! In this interview, Dr. Klau and I discuss the evolution and validity of the Max Heart Rate formula.

This is Part 1. In Part 2, we will move from theory to practical application—how to do assessments and what to do with the data.

If you don’t know Jennifer Klau, get ready to be impressed! I do not think there is anyone on this planet with her unique skill set and level of education, at least as it relates to indoor cycling. Because of that, she is uniquely qualified to lead this discussion, and in my opinion, is uniquely qualified as a leader in our indoor cycling niche.

Jennifer was a Master Instructor for the Spinning® program for 8 years. She has certified and trained thousands of indoor cycling instructors at workshops and at conferences. As a talented coach, her conference sessions were not only cycling specific, but they were always fun and motivational. Jennifer has always been an education hound (she is a self-proclaimed “geek”) and first obtained her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology while still with Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning®, but when she started work on her PhD, it was time to buckle down and get serious. She left the Spinning Program in 2008. Jennifer is now Doctor Klau.

In addition to the science and coaching, she has long been an avid cyclist who has trained extensively with power, so she can bring that aspect of training to the table as well. She has raced up Mount Washington four times, and climbed it two other times in training. (Want to know more about the challenge of Mount Washington? Members can hear Tom Scotto’s Audio Master Class up the epic climb and how to bring it to your own students).

Do you know anyone else in this industry who can claim anything close to that? (If so, I need to add that person to my list of contributors!)

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Part 2 of my discussion with Dr Klau will move on from theory to the practical application of working with heart rate.

NOTE: A written PDF transcript and downloadable MP3 of this and the next interview is available to ICA members and can be found in Part 2 (Assessment of thresholds) of this heart rate discussion.


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