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We’ve got some very exciting projects in the works at ICA, including a new website, planned educational series, videos, new contributors, an app, and more. To help us prioritize what you need the most, we would really love your input–whether you are a member or not. Let us know what are the most important topics that concern you as an instructor. Will you take a quick survey? It might take you one minute!We’ve got some very exciting things in the works at ICA that should be coming in the next few months and the first part of next year. Your answers to a quick survey can help direct which projects get the highest priority and let us know a little more about your needs as an instructor. Will you please take this survey? It shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two.

What exciting projects am I referring to? They include the following:

  • A brand-new website that will be more user friendly and easier to navigate. You’ll be hearing more about it very soon as we make the transition to the new site, but expect the final product in 3–4 weeks!
  • More educational series
  • More videos
  • New contributors
  • ICA member profiles
  • Facebook competitions (win e-books, free memberships, etc.)
  • Ability for you to earn free months by referring your friends to ICA

Then I have three projects that I can’t tell you too much about quite yet (because they are top secret), but I’ll drop a little hint…

First, I’m working on the Keep it Real Manifesto. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Just wait! 😉

The second is a music-related project that might just blow your mind.

The third, and perhaps most exciting project is an instructor app that has been in the works this past year. I think all app designers believe their target market really needs and wants their product, but in this case, I know that instructors all over the world will definitely benefit from this app! I’m crossing my fingers it will be ready in the early part of 2013. It may just change your life as an instructor. (And no, it’s nothing like the Cycling Fusion Class Builder, but that’s an app I highly recommend.)

We would really love your input on our survey—whether you are an ICA member or not. It will help us know what are the most important topics that concern you as an instructor. Will you take our quick survey?


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