Here Is How ICA Plans to Help Cycling Instructors During This Challenging Period

You might have found yourself with some extra time on your hands. Do you see a silver lining? I sure do! Now is the time to grow yourself and up-level your teaching. Here is what I plan on doing for ICA members. The list is long! Get ready for some enhanced learning! 

I also plan to offer some great free content too non-members. All instructors are hurting and all instructors can use this time to grow. More on that below.

Here is what you can expect for the foreseeable future at ICA (One month? Two months? We shall see!), in addition to our already incredible content.

  1. The ICA Facebook group (exclusively for members) is such a great place to mingle with other instructors. Feel free to ask questions in the group at any time. But I also want to host occasional AMAs (“ask me anything”) on specific topics such as technique, power training, heart rate, etc. 
  2. Live-streamed classes. Yes! This will be a little scary for me (hey, I’m human!) but I want to do it for you. I’ll pick some of the most popular ICA profiles so you can see how I coach them. You will need a Spotify account, though, as I won’t have the license to play the music from my end, but if we all hit “start” at the same time, you can play the playlist from your local source. I will also do a few live-streamed classes for non-members (see below), but most will be for members. 
  3. Mini workshops in the form of FB Live and webinars. Topics I’m considering are theme rides, the basics of putting together profiles and playlists, sourcing and using music, and a Spotify tutorial.
  4. Reposting more of our amazing archived content. We’ve got nine years of content to share—we’ll be reminding you more often of some that you might have missed or have forgotten. 
  5. The biggest announcement: I will be making many of the online courses from the Indoor Cycling Summit (2013 and 2014) available at no extra cost. I’ve got at least a dozen or more on so many topics: exercise physiology for cycling instructors, working with new riders, working with an older population, teaching small classes, making a fabulous first impression, the basics of power training, contraindications, and more. (Two of these sessions will be made available to all instructors at no cost, so you can encourage your peers and instructor friends to sign up for them too.)

Watch my Facebook Live announcement (you get to meet my kitty Galibier!)

Free Content for All Instructors (COMING SOON—STAY TUNED)

Here is what I want to do for the indoor cycling industry at large during this crisis. We are all in this together—no one will escape the need to self-quarantine and it’s the perfect time to work on aspects of our teaching that we normally don’t have time to focus on. From what I’ve seen in the indoor cycling forums online, one of the serious gaps in education is about basic exercise physiology. I want to help “mind that gap”! 

  • Offer the exercise physiology for cycling instructors workshop to all instructors. (It’s a two-part course, valued at $149.)
  • A second free course on contraindications and why we should endeavor to “keep it real” in our classes. 
  • Two live-streamed classes. Great if you have a home bike to ride along, or simply watch to get profile and cueing ideas.


  1. Thank you Jennifer. Still working every day at the hi but I am watching the hospital and/or live streaming my fitness classes. Cannot wait to get back to spin with more education!

  2. Can you clarify whether CEC’s are being offered for these amazing courses?

    1. Author

      I wish i could Judy, but I’d have to resubmit all of them to the certifying agencies along with a sizable fee and we just can’t do that and offer them for free.

      1. No worries. Thank you for all that you do!

  3. Just catching up. Thank you for your continued commitment to cycling instructors!

  4. Thank you, Jennifer! I am really grateful for what you’re doing, and I look forward to reviewing what you’ll post from the Summits! I LOVED those! They helped me grow SO much. I still have my notes and review them occasionally. Can’t wait to see those again!

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