200 Festive Songs for Your Holiday Profiles

It’s holiday playlist time! Last year’s list has been edited, some new songs added, and many songs removed (too many from last year’s list were more for easy listening/cool-down and not good for cycling). So now it’s easier to choose your perfect holiday playlist from this list of 200 fun and festive songs.

As usual, if you have any really good songs that you love to ride to during the holidays, please post them in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out the Winter Solstice Profile, which provides many song suggestions that relate to the winter solstice, light, and sunshine.


  1. No worries! This list is great and I will be drawing from it this week. If I find some time over the holidays, maybe I will figure out and list some of the BPMs for you 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  2. Author

    Sorry Tony, but it’s a great idea, perhaps I can do that in the future if I could find a way to do it quickly!
    As it was, it took a gazillion hours just to cull out some of the songs from last year’s list, trying as much as possible to listen to a quick sample of as many songs as possible. I didn’t listen to them all…it would have been next to impossible!

  3. Thanks Jennifer!! You don’t happen to have a version of the spreadsheet with BPM for each song, do you?


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