Idea for Sponsorship for Your Halloween Ride or International Indoor Cycling Day Event

I was talking to ICA member Sevana Draayer the other day about her upcoming Halloween ride. She told me instead of candy for her riders, she gives out Clif bars. But, since she has a large class, she didn’t just buy them herself—she contacted the corporate office and asked for the local rep. She contacted the rep and asked if they would sponsor her event and they happily sent her a few cases.

What a great idea! I wanted to share this with you so you can try to contact them as soon as possible. 

Energy bar companies have a lot of competition. They want to get their product out there, and your audience is more than likely in their target demographics. Therefore, they are often willing to support local events. 

Whether you are hosting an event for International Indoor Cycling Day, a Halloween specialty theme-ride, or are even thinking forward to a bigger event in early 2017, consider contacting your local rep for one of the major energy bar companies. You might have good luck with a smaller, newer company that wants to expand their market.

Below are a few suppliers to consider. Or, just Google the headquarters of your preferred bar and give them a ring.

Leave a comment if you are successful or if you have any other ideas.

Clif Bar and Luna Bar
1451 66th Street
Emeryville, CA 94608-1004
Clif Bar: 1-800-CLIFBAR (that’s 1-800-254-3227)
Luna Bar: 1-800-LUNABAR (that’s 1-800-586-2227)

Scratch Labs (developed for athletes, may be very interested in expanding their market)
2885 Wilderness Place Unit B
Boulder, CO 80301

Kind Bars (one of my favorites—they sponsor our local women’s cycling club)
P.O. Box 705, Midtown Station
New York, NY 10018
1 855.884.KIND (5463)

Power Bar (not my personal favorite, but usually willing to sponsor any athletic event)
1-800-58-POWER (1-800-587-6937)

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  1. Tailwind is usually very generous.

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